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Sport Performance & Breathing

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Motocross (Scrambling), Lactic Acid & Fore arm pump

I remember thinking how hard I was gripping the handle bars of the bike during the race I was not able to keep it up for long until fatigue crept in (Lactic Acid)... Back racing I still found the same old problem - Lactic Acid... I started breathing the way Alex had said to right away and felt the difference. I was far more relaxed and had far more energy... I went into the meeting feeling so relaxed even to find that they had added an extra lap to each race, before this would have finished me. The whole day went so easy for me and at the end of the meeting I finished with first overall in all my classes giving me first overall in the 2002 Scottish classic under 40s Championship ...more

Hill Climbing & Sprint Cycling

I was finding it took me a long time to Recover from a hard training session or race, I would be coughing for 10—15 mins and a lot of lactic acid build up in my legs... My performance improved each week... I found that I had stopped coughing completely and the build up of lactic acid in my legs was reduced

Health Conditions & Sypmtoms in Sport

Asthma: Con Barrell is well-known as a rugby player in his native Canterbury, New Zealand, and now nationally as an All Black reserve. What many rugby fans may not realise is that Con is also a chronic asthmatic... "My wife feels much more relaxed now as she watches me play, " he comments. "Before I learned this drug-free control method, she would be looking at my face during a game, worrying when she saw the tell-tale, stressful signs that I was having trouble breathing."